What we do

Cronyvir.us started as a news aggregator to compile hidden truths about the Covid-19 pandemic. The truth is, the virus has mutated into something that surpasses biology. It's become a political weapon.

We're here to shed light on a pandemic of money, power, and influence in:

  • Local elections
  • Local businesses
  • Activist groups

Bad ideologies will be flushed out. Swamps drained. Candidates rated. Businesses judged on their merit. Actions questioned.

Always remember to fight for what's right, not just what's socially popular.

Who we are

We are Americans. Working hard, providing for our families. Providing a service, providing goods. 

We don't like to be told what do to, or have our destinies guided by sophists and blue checkmarks.

We are done listening to the woke mob. We will not be cancelled. We believe in principles over consessions.

We believe in dangerous freedom over bearable fear.

All masks are off.