A Note From the Curator of Cronyvir.us


First of all I want to thank you for the praise that this site has received. Never before did I think that a simple site could reach over 10k people organically without running ads.

You will most likely find yourself here if you are questioning the truth regarding the coronavirus outbreak. You may have seen this link on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. I urge you to please like, share, and spread the word about cronyvir.us.

I wanted to make a few things clear regarding the site:

  • We do not plagiarize any works. All articles and videos that are linked, are cited, and we have no creative influence or editorial investment into any links provided.
  • We are not for profit, and do not run ads at this time. Shirt and Merch sales go to the small fees that keep this site afloat and secure.
  • Our opinions will be clearly listed as such using the site tags. Everything else is what is reported by media outlets and whistle blowers

With that out of the way, I wanted to announce “Cronyvir.us Tour of America”. As the home base relocates from Maine to Oklahoma in the coming weeks, we plan on spreading the word via business cards placed at rest areas, hotels, and other high travel places. More on this later.

Once again, thank you for your shares and support!