Michigan based Fenix Ammunition Fights Against Government Overreach

By LibertySooner | 10/7/2020

Today we follow Fenix Ammunition, a Michigan based ammunition manufacturer and staunch defender of second amendment rights. They have taken a stance against government overreach, specifically Governor Whitmer’s abuse of power and unlawful mask mandates.

In recent weeks they’ve even posted signage deterring visitors from wearing masks in their facilities to ensure proper identification of their customers.

In a recent Twitter thread, we see Fenix Ammunition digging into local cronyism regarding mask mandates, and attempts to shut their business down. See below for more information.

From their website:

Capabilities Statement

Fenix Ammunition, LLC provides ammunition manufacturing, product development, and equipment procurement services to retail consumers, military and law enforcement, and international customers.Β  Our expertise and flexible manufacturing process allows us to produce high-quality ammunition tailored for your desired application.