Opinion: We’re at a Crossroads

Lately it seems like people are fed up with the restrictions imposed on them. There are articles about ‘mass events’ and parties where not one person wears a mask (shame!)

On the same note, the virus numbers seem to be trending downwards or remaining completely flat in states that have supported reopening (such as Florida). Critics will say it’s a lack of testing but critics will say just about anything for some clicks.

This leads me to believe we’re to expect one of two scenarios:

  1. The Reinfection/Resurgence Event
  2. Everything blows over and life goes back to a “new” normal

With option 1, the media would promote even deadlier numbers than before, citing the need for more restrictions and further lock downs. They would push mail-in voting as a serious option, maybe even creating laws to enforce no physical presence at the ballot boxes this November. The charade continues indefinitely.

With option 2, seeing that people are no longer affected by the restrictions (and most ignoring them anyway) the powers that be will retreat and cover things up, saying they did their best and now it’s over. They’ll collect the data they gathered on who followed the rules, who shared the cool Facebook profile backgrounds, and create plans for the next attack and subtle erosion of our country.

There’s always a plan. Either way we’re not going back to “normal”. Not after this.

~ LibertySooner